Triumph Dolomite an Upmarket British Classic

triumph dolomite


The Dolomite was Triumph’s upmarket addition to its medium-sized four-door car range. With well-resolved styling by Giovanni Michelotti, good equipment levels and spirited performance from the larger-engined models, the new car was aiming for a share of the rapidly growing small, sporty saloon segment.

I owned a red Triumph Dolomite 1850. It was a lovely car to drive but unfortunately had a catalogue of mechanical failures. The fuel pump would regularly stop working as the jackshaft no longer connected – once on a slip road coming off the M3. The gearbox failed and I had to replace it. I also had to have the water pump impeller, housed within the top of the engine, replaced. In the end, I replaced the mechanical fuel pump with an electrical one from and Morris Minor which fixed that problem but other small problems arose with the ignition, etc. I got a good trade-in price though for a mini.

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