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Lunaz – beautiful cars re-engineered for an electric future.

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Lunaz - beautiful cars re-engineered for an electric future. Lunaz - beautiful cars re-engineered for an electric future.

Lunaz – beautiful cars re-engineered for an electric future.

The world requires a clean air, low carbon future. Upcycling gives new purpose to what already exists.

We built Lunaz to further the legacies of the most beautiful cars in the world. We know, there is no better proposition than timeless aesthetics propelled by the powertrain of the future.

We make these iconic machines a relevant and usable proposition for the 21st century. A classic car by Lunaz is not just for this generation, it is to be driven and enjoyed for many more.

Each classic by Lunaz represents an uncompromised expression of the original. Electrification answers the questions of usability, reliability and sustainability and empowers owners to enjoy their cars daily.

We restore, enhance and create with knowledge that these cars have cultural value far beyond their function. The passion we have for these cars can be felt in every stitch, weld and line of code.

Aston Martin

Remastered and electrified for a new generation.

There is no more evocative GT car than the Aston Martin DB6. It presents an alluring marriage of fastback design, indulgent proportions and one of the most iconic shapes ever conceived in metal.

Remastering and electrification amplifies the characteristics of a car so beautiful we have a responsibility to preserve it for many generations to come.


The definitive Gran Turismo.

We have turned the ultimate continental touring machine into an entirely usable and sustainable proposition for daily use. Lunaz customers can select from either coachbuilt of factory original bodies of S1, S2 and S3 (1955-1965) Bentley Continental in both coupé and four-door ‘Flying Spur’ variants.


The most beautiful British sportscar. Electrified.

One of the most significant examples of Britain’s performance car heritage is given a bold new dimension in dynamism and usability through conversion to full electric. The Jaguar XK120 is a true driver’s classic that can be enjoyed every day. We build XK120, XK140 and XK150's in both fixed head and drophead configurations.

Range Rover Classic

The definitive British SUV, electrified for 2021.

An icon is reborn and made read for a clean-air future with the introduction of the Classic Range Rover by Lunaz. These recycled and re-engineered examples of the world’s most celebrated off-road vehicle adds an entirely new dimension of usability and reliability. Available in ‘Town’ specification, with the focus on rear and front seat luxury or full four-wheel drive ‘Country’ configuration for those that wish to enjoy zero-emission classic motoring in all conditions.

Rolls Royce Phantom

What if we told you the first electric Rolls-Royce is from 1961?

For 60 years a Rolls-Royce Phantom has carried the most influential people in the world, often on the most momentous occasions in history. This extraordinary legacy is given new life through the introduction of the fully-electric Rolls-Royce Phantom V by Lunaz. Now is the time to drive and be driven in an entirely usable, sustainable and reliable evocation of ‘The Best Car in the World’.



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