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RBW – EV Classic Cars

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RBW - EV Classic Cars RBW - EV Classic Cars

RBW – EV Classic Cars

As a motoring enthusiast, Peter has an affection for British sports cars having owned many MGs, Triumphs and Jaguars himself over the years. As the MD of restoration company RBW Classic & Sports Cars, Peter could see that these vehicles faced an uncertain future in the modern world. He saw the potential for an electric car that had all the benefits of a modern vehicle but with the aesthetic appeal of a beautiful classic car. And so RBW Electric Classic Cars evolved.

From the outset, he wanted to create an electric system that could be sympathetically applied to different classic cars without degradation to the car and with a clear focus on safety first.


RBW Electric Classic Cars has brought together the very best in classic car craftsmanship and 21st century technologies. The result is a blend of high-quality patented components, race-winning EV engineering and proven reliability.

The RBW MGB Roadster was inspired by Managing Director Peter Swain’s first car when he was aged just 17 years – an MGB. A personal favourite of Peter’s, the original car was released in 1962 and further styled by Pininfarina. Over 500,000 were made and it was so popular worldwide that nine out of ten were exported overseas. This is a true British Classic and a motoring icon.

Therefore, the first of the electric designs is the RBW MGB Roadster & GT, which affords all the stylings of the 60s, yet, re-imagined, preserving this iconic design for the future classic motorist.


The RBW Retro electric roadster is a different RBW proposition. It takes the same world class RBW EV design and architecture yet retaining a more original classic car look.

The Retro car body is not de-seamed and has chrome side stripes giving that classic appeal.

The wheels are RBW’s new take on the 1950s and 60s iconic designed wheels, yet alloy five stud to fit the TRW modern hub and suspension.

Inside there features traditional wind-up windows
(electric windows an option) to compliment that retro feel.

Indeed, the whole interior has a more retro effect, be it the single din DAB period looking radio, the centre console, which is now a half console, or the standard door cards and trim.


One of the Worlds, if not the world’s most iconic car, the Jaguar E-Type needs no introduction, this beautiful British sports car is now available to be sympathetically upgraded to full EV status – indeed an “E” to “EV” Type is born.

The patented RBW EV system “powered by Continental” provides near 50:50 weight distribution, housing the latest Continental electric machine reducer drive at the rear with Hyperdrive batteries located at the front. Suspension and braking are upgraded to accommodate a modern electric drive yet retaining the classic rear wheel sports feel.

The RBW “E” to “EV” Type transformation utilises RBW/Continental/Hyperdrive developed software and systems for conformity of safety, performance and product. The very same system used to gain REG 100 compliance, thus, RBW’s solution is proven, safe and underpinned by latest standards all provided by OEM business’s that are class and world leading.



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